eusew_2012_BMet trots kan ik ein-de-lijk bekendmaken dat de Greenchoice Warme Truiendag, waar ik sinds 2011 in opdracht van Het Klimaatverbond projectleider van ben, uit 342 inzendingen genomineerd is voor de Sustainable Energy Europe Awards.


Dinsdag 24 juni en woensdag 25 juni ga ik naar Brussel om de eurocommissaris van energie Günther H. Oettinger te ontmoeten en hopelijk om de prijs in ontvangst te nemen 😉

Official Project Outline:

Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day reminds people that the greenest energy is the energy you don’t use. The campaign encourages people to simply turn down the temperature by one degree and instead to keep warm by wearing a warm sweater. The result of this seemingly simple act is an energy savings of seven percent per degree. The warm sweater is a symbol for all the actions people can easily and comfortably do to save energy.

Putting on a sweater for energy savings

Campaign achieves 7 percent energy savings by simply encouraging people to put on a warm sweater. Although the idea is simple – turn the heat down by one degree and put on a warm sweater – the results are staggering. For every degree the heat is turned down, every home, school or office saves seven percent in energy.

To promote this simple energy-saving act, Klimaatverbond Nederland launched the Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day national energy saving campaign. The campaign challenges individuals, schools, government organisations, companies and universities to turn down their heat by at least one degree and to compensate for the cooler temperatures by putting on a big warm sweater. Not only is the sweater symbolic of how easy it is to save energy and money, it also adds a bit of fun to sustainability awareness.

Launched annually in conjunction with the Kyoto Protocol anniversary, in which countries agreed to reduce CO2 emissions that are the cause of climate change, the campaign aims to remind everyone of their personal responsibility for acting upon this promise. The campaign is unique in that it is heavily user-driven. School children are engaged because they find it fun to be part of the Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day contest. People at home join because it offers a simple way to make a difference and to save money, and organizations and companies join as it is a great way to generate positive publicity.

“Every year we are stunned by the truly heartwarming and creative initiatives individuals, organizations and the media take to act upon the important subject of energy savings”, says Emke Mol, Project Manager of Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day. “The key to the success of Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day is that it is not our campaign, it is the campaign of everyone that joins us: power to the people, together we can change the world!”

From October to February the project works with local and national media in the lead up to Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day, which is held in early February. The project also uses an interactive web portal that allows users to map their energy savings. In addition, the campaign is supported by a dynamic email, social media and content marketing strategy.

The 2014 edition was a resounding success, with over 200,000 people joining the campaign via the website. In addition, the campaign gained 2,465 followers on Facebook and 3,661 followers on Twitter. Overall, this equates to an estimated 28% increase in participation from 2013. But it’s not just impressive statistics that the project is generating – it’s also creating direct results. For example, after joining Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day, Tilburg University decided to turn down the heat by one degree and increase its air conditioning temperature by one degree across the entire campus. This simple action resulted in a financial savings of over EUR 100,000 in just one year. And this wasn’t done at the expense of employee comfort – 86% of all employees favoured the new office climate.

It seems that Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day is catching on. Already in Belgium (that initiated Warm Sweater Day), Canada and Germany similar campaigns are being organized. To further enhance the project’s impact, work is being done to launch a European Warm Sweater Day that will remind people that the greenest energy is the energy you don’t use.

For more information:
Emke Mol
Project Manager
+31 (0)6 14 21 66 55

Sustainable Energy Europe Awards

First launched in 2006, the SEE Awards recognise and promote outstanding projects in energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean transport. The SEE Awards gather projects that contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and have a proven impact. The competition is open to stakeholders from the public and private sector including SMEs, multi-national industry associations, academic institutions and NGOs. The SEE Awards integrate five different categories according to different policy strands: awareness-raising (Communicating), educational programmes (Learning), buildings (Living), energy savings (Consuming) and clean mobility (Travelling).